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Jewellery Care & Warranty

Our gold-plated jewellery is made by electroplating 18k/14k gold onto durable stainless steel / high-quality brass / 925 sterling silver. Metals like silver and gold are delicate, and despite our best efforts, they can still fade due to a process called oxidation. 

Jewellery can experience discolouration over time due to multiple factors including exposure to moisture, chemicals, chemical residue, frequency of cleaning, storage method and even skin PH level. The nature of gold-plating means you need to take extra care when wearing gold-plated jewellery.

We highly recommend you to read through our entire jewellery care section when you purchase a Bare Jewellery item because this will help your pieces last longer.

Jewellery Care Guide

• Store your jewellery in a secure pouch, box or air-tight container in a dry & humidity free environment, out of direct sunlight and away from heat.

• Polish regularly with a microfibre cloth or a jewellery polishing cloth. This could help to remove chemical residues & tarnish and brighten your pieces. 

• Avoid contact with chemicals, perfume, lotions, hand sanitiser, chlorine & salt water.

• Ensure your hands are clean and dry when handling all gold-plated jewellery.

• To ensure your item's colour stays in perfect condition, we recommend removing before sleeping, bathing or swimming. 

• Take extra care of your gemstones, they may chip or become dislodged if dropped or improperly stored. 

• We recommend removing your jewellery pieces before intense workouts/exercise to avoid chain breakage or loss of gemstones. 

• Avoid impact with hard surfaces, including other items of jewellery. This will protect against scratching, chipping and chain breakage. Rings are prone to coming into contact with hard surfaces, so please take care as the removal of plating due to wear and tear is not covered by our warranty.

• If irritation occurs due to an allergic reaction, try applying a thin coat of clear nail polish over your jewellery. The nail polish will act as a barrier between your skin and the jewellery. 

Bare Jewellery is not responsible for damage due to wear & tear, mishandling or neglect.

    Adjusting Your Items

    Adjust your item to the correct size/fit by applying light pressure to bend the metal. Please keep in mind that continual adjustment will cause the metal to fatigue and may cause damage. Adjustable rings are designed to be altered to your size once, and damage caused by excessive bending will not be viewed as a product fault.

    If your earrings are not clicking in or feeling loose on your ears, please stop wearing them immediately & follow the instructions here to adjust them.


    All Bare Jewellery purchases made through our online store come with a 90 days warranty. This warranty is effective from the date of purchase and covers manufacturing faults and defects in materials.

    We will offer a repair or replacement once the item has been assessed and proven by our team to be a manufacturing faulty. Please note that wear and tear during the course of normal use is not considered a fault. Bare Jewellery pieces are delicate and should be handled with care as explained in our product care card that is enclosed with your order. 

    This warranty does not cover loss of jewellery, chain breakage, scratch marks, and general wear and tear. General wear and tear includes tarnishing and fading of plated jewellery, and therefore, is not covered by warranty.  We also have the right to decline any warranty claims if the damage is caused by mishandling. 

    Any repairs requested after the offered 90 days warranty period will require a repair fee and return postage costs will fall to the responsibility of the customer. We may not be able to repair or replacement an item that is no longer covered by our 90 days warranty policy.

    Proof of purchase is required for all warranty claims.
    Please contact our Customer Care team at if you require any further information.

     *Manufacturing faults DO NOT include: broken chain; chipped, cracked or broken pearl, shells or gemstones; general wear and tear including items that have been bent out of shape, twisted and snapped, oxidized or on which the plating is fading. 

    "I've had a reaction to the metals/materials in your products"- unfortunately we aren't able to refund/exchange any of the products if your skin/body rejects/reacts to the jewellery. If you are sensitive to some metals or materials, please check with us before purchasing to ensure your body is happy with your new jewellery. Please always check the materials of the items before purchasing as we do not refund or exchange in these circumstances. 

    • All issues including fading plating after wearing will NOT be considered as faulty items unless we have found many fading issues from the same production batch. Please understand that the colour of plating jewellery is not permanent, however, there are some things you can do to help your jewellery pieces last longer, read here.

    • Wear and tear in the course of normal use is not considered a manufacturing fault. If your earrings are not closing properly or are fitting loosely during the course of normal use, it is not considered a manufacturing fault, please follow the instructions here to adjust your earrings. Additionally, loss of stones or breaking and chipping due to mishandling is also not considered a manufacturing fault. 

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