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My Earrings Won't Click In.

Our pieces are crafted from high quality gold & silver and sometimes these natural metals can be quite soft. It is common that the post on your earrings moves in the process of putting them on or wearing them. That might result in things like: Your earring are fitting loosely on your ears, or your post won’t click in (seems like it’s broken)…

When you are experiencing these issues, your earrings are often not faulty or broken, please stop wearing them immediately to avoid losing them and follow the instructions here to adjust your hoops/earrings:

Gently push your post up or down/ left or right by a tiny bit, adjust until the post clicks in. A minor adjustment can tighten your hoops a lot more. If your earring post still feels loose after clicking, keep adjusting until the desired tightness.

If you are still having trouble with your hoops/earrings, please email us as soon as possible at

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